Guest Linux:
linux-kernel-2.4.20-plex86-diff-v1 Linux 2.4.20 guest patches.
linux-kernel-2.4.20-plex86-config Linux 2.4.20 kernel source .config file.
linux-kernel-2.4.21-plex86-diff-v1 Linux 2.4.21 guest patches.
linux-kernel-2.4.21-plex86-config Linux 2.4.21 kernel source .config file.
vmlinux-2.4.21-2-plex86.img Linux 2.4.21 (patched) guest kernel image
initrd-2.4.21-xapps.img (6Megs) Initrd image file for use with a 2.4.21 guest kernel.
linux-kernel-2.4.24-plex86-diff-v1 Linux 2.4.24 guest patches.
linux-kernel-2.4.24-plex86-config Linux 2.4.24 kernel source .config file.
initrd-2.4.24-xapps.img (6Megs) Initrd image file for use with a 2.4.24 guest kernel.
vmlinux-2.4.24-plex86-1.img Linux 2.4.24 (patched) guest kernel image
linux-kernel-2.5.59-plex86-diff-v1 Linux 2.5.59 guest patches.
linux-kernel-2.5.59-plex86-config Linux 2.5.59 kernel source .config file.
vmlinux-2.5.59-plex86.img Linux 2.5.59 (patched) guest kernel image
initrd-2.4.20-nfs-2M-mcfarlane.gz Initrd from Iain McFarlane for mounting an NFS directory.
Directions for mounting an NFS directory. Iain McFarlane's site with files to download and directions from him on how to NFS mount a directory from your host as the guest root directory.